How to Solo Over a Blues?

blues solo accountable

A quick and easy roadmap for a good blues solo…

If you are looking to sound more bluesy, here are some tips… from the blues scale to telling your life story, these strategies will make you sound authentic and like you know what you are doing at the same time. Maybe you already know the blues scale, but did you know that there is a major one as well as a minor one? Which to use when and how… check it out, you got this!

I am a bit tongue in cheek of course with some of the things I say here…. but they work! A blues is all about telling a story, and as cliche as this sounds, here I am telling you very concretely how to do this with musical phrases.

Read Ariane Cap‘s answer to I am learning Bird’s blues “Now’s the Time” on vibraphone, and my soloing sounds corny. Can you give me some ideas to make my solo sound more bluesy? on Quora