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Why, in music, do B and E notes not have sharps? (Don’t only black keys have sharps?)

White keys, black keys… Got a question, wrote an answer. This is a very fundamental one on black keys on the piano, but nonetheless important to the bassist. Without a

How to get into Upright Bass

Upright Bass… I received a question today about how to get into upright bass. My journey started on the electric bass, and a great entry point for upright it was for

Efficient Practice Hacks

Always on the hunt for the biggest pay-off for your practicing time… I am taking on an important and often overlooked aspect in this Talking Technique Episode: Feedback! We learn effectively

TrueFire Live Video – if you missed the Q and A

Three Awesome Tools to Spice up Your Practice TrueFire Live video seminar – if you missed it, watch it here! 3 Awesome Tools to Spice up Your Practice (for Guitarists

Ari at Truefire LIVE

Tune in, Ask Questions, Connect! Truefire Live is an interactive live broadcast  - a seminar with live Q & A. Since this is my first one, I cannot tell you exactly

If D minor and F major contain all the same notes, do they have all the same chords? (Yes, but watch Chord Functions!)

Well, yes, BUT: there is a crucial difference to understand…. and that difference lies in chord functions. It is all in how notes relate to what is perceived as “home”.

Quiet E string? Bass not sounding balanced?

Is your Bass sounding Timid and Quiet on one particular string? In a bass we want as balanced a sound as possible. If one of the strings is by its

Beautiful Practice in Minor

Beautiful Practice in Minor Remember Beautiful Practice? I did this exercise in major and it made a favorites’ list on notreble. So I thought I bring it back, this time

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