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How to Solo Over a Blues?

A quick and easy roadmap for a good blues solo… Read Ariane Cap's answer to I am learning Bird's blues "Now's the Time" on vibraphone, and my soloing sounds corny.

Why Are There Only 12 Keys in Music?

A reader on Quora requested my answer to this question: Read Ariane Cap‘s answer to Why are there only 12 keys in music? on Quora

The Natural Minor Scale – the Ultimate Shortcut!

The Natural Minor Scale Now that we have looked at my ultimate shortcuts for the major scale, look at the minor scale. Make sure to check out this blog post

Exciting News – Music Theory Wall Chart shipping soon!

You requested it – here it comes – the Music Theory Wall Chart! You wanted me to call it a “cheat sheet” but I like Music Theory Wall Chart better…

Maybe the Most Important Post For Any Musician: Your Hearing

Musician: If you are planning to make music for a long time, and hear the voices of the ones you love… please take heart and a set of earplugs. Your

Some Quick Soloing Tips for Bassists

Here is a list of quick tips to get you started in thinking about soloing – Idea triggers for soloing, basically. Check it out or click READ MORE below  

Pitch versus Note – Time to Note the Pitch!

Nomenclature: The Difference between Note and Pitch Important to be clear on important basics. What is a Note? The term note refers to a name of a note. As in,

Major Scales – the Ultimate Shortcut!

Shortcut to Major Scales Cycle of fifths, key signatures, WWHWWWH got you confused?  Check my super simple shortcut method for naming major scales correctly. Huh? Why would you even want that?

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