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The One-Finger-Per-Fret-Controversy

One-finger-per-fret or not? Almost every week I get questions about the one-finger-per-fret system of fingering. Why am I using it and advocating for it in most playing situations? How can it

The Wall Chart and the Book: Interview with Bass Musician Magazine

Live Talk… In this half hour+ interview with Raul Amador of Bass Musician Magazine we talk about my book, Music Theory for the Bass Player how it is unique and how

Can you pull off Pull-off Pentatonics?

Pull-offs & hammer-ons are some of the coolest sounds on bass. Use them in a pentatonic context, though, and you may run into limitations… Watch Pull-off Pentatonics to break free!

Handy Guide on Ari’s Key Concepts of Bass Technique

Technique! Ari’s Key Concepts of Bass Technique Conscious • Connected • Coordinated Minimize Movement Maximize Relaxation Breathe • Think ahead • Practice slowly with a click* Keep posture roughly the

Fretless Bass for an intermediate Bass Player?

This is a Diva by Marleaux. It has 26 “frets”. Or, rather, it would be more appropriate to say it doesn’t have 26 frets, since it is fretless. You get

PORA Video: Watch the Method in Action

PORA Video Dr. Randy Kertz invited me last month to contribute to his monthly blog on ISB. He was particularly interested in my PORA method: PORA stands for: Principles of Rotating

Music Theory Wall Chart – Taking Pre-Orders Now

The Wall Chart is ready! Taking pre-orders now! Currently Offering Free Domestic Shipping (Save $5.00)! Please allow up to five weeks for delivery.  International shipping available. International customers: postage will be computed for your

Octaves on Overdrive (Video)

Cool Octaves to spice up grooves! In this video I show you how playing octaves using chromatic approaches can sound exciting and cool. Fingering and good technique are of course important

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