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Bass Bit 2: Musical Alphabet Soup (BB#2)

Practicing without the Bass: Musical Alphabet Soup     Knowing the musical alphabet up, down, sideways and backwards serves us very well, yet we usually never practice it. Check out this exercise

Bass Bit 1: Free Lesson on Notes (BB#1)

Welcome to Bass Bit #1, with an Introduction and a Free Lesson on Notes! This one is quite a bit longer than most of the bits will be because I

“Bass Bits Videos” Starting October 30th

Counting down to the start date for the Bass Bits Videos! I am putting together a video series for you that presents the concepts from my book, Music Theory for

Cycle Chord Progression – #5 of 5

Frequently used Cycle Chord Progression Some songs feature the entire diatonic cycle, but many feature just parts of it. In this video I explore a very common chord progression contained

Let’s go Jazzy with the Cycle! – #4 of 5

Autumn Leaves – Let’s go Jazzy with the Cycle This is Video 4 of my mini series about the Cycle of Fifths for the Bass Player. Great for practicing walking

The Cycle in Tunes – #3 of 5

The Cycle in Tunes My favorite reason for knowing the cycle is that it shows up in music everywhere, so if you recognize it (and its variations) you have a

The Cycle for Fretboard Fitness – #2 of 5

The Cycle for Fretboard Fitness In this segment I am exploring why the Cycle of Fifths is such a fantastic practice tool for fretboard fitness – mainly because it gets

The Cycle of Fifths for the Bassplayer – #1 of 5

The Cycle of Fifths for the Bass player – the Underappreciated Tool – #1 in a series of 5 You may know the Cycle of Fifths as a tool for

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