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What Key is this Piece of Music in?

Finding the Key to the Key… How do you know what key a piece of music is in? Great question that I get a lot. Sometimes it’s simple. other times

Right Hand Thumbs Up (TT15)

Right Hand Thumbs Up (TT15) Where to put my right hand thumb when playing? That’s a question we got from a reader. Great one! Gives us an opportunity to talk

More info on the Course released

Coaching Course News! Friends, I am epically excited about my upcoming Music Theory for the Bass Player Coaching Course!! I created a page for it. Check it out here. Music Theory

Left-handed Players – I need your help!

Kickstarting a movement for the Left Handed Bass Player! When I wrote Music Theory for the Bass Player I thought very hard about how to best present music theory concepts

“Bass Bits Videos” Starting October 30th

Counting down to the start date for the Bass Bits Videos! I am putting together a video series for you that presents the concepts from my book, Music Theory for

Q: Does Your Book Require I Read Music?

To read music or not to read music? Definitely to read music. However, in my view learning music theory first is better and it can be problematic to attempt to

Bass Bits – Free Bass Video Lessons

  Welcome to the Bass Bits! Free bass video lessons on Music Theory for the Bass Player to follow along with Do you feel like you have a few holes

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