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Surprise your Family with a Christmas Song Solo Bass Style!

My favorite Christmas song – Silent Night – for solo bass Learn it now! Enjoy my solo bass rendition of my favorite Christmas song which also happens to have been

To Fill or not to Fill?

We are getting all Shakespearean here but it is indeed that deep (ha!) of a question: To Fill or not to Fill? Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to be

Does the bass guitar sound good when played solo?

  30.07.2017   Ari   Playing, Quora   No comments

Solo Bass Playing? To some it is a sacrilege – using bass outside of the band context, using bass for anything but grooving in a band. I challenge that view

Bach on Bass: Cello Suite #1 on Electric Bass

New playing video play list: Bach Cello Suite #1 in its entirety I recently released the entire Bach Cello Suite #1, all seven movements, on youtube. Let me know how

Delay Pedal Fun… or Funk!

  10.03.2016   Ari   Playing   No comments

TC Electronic Delay Pedal Fun Enjoying my Flashback TC pedal (flashback). Having some fun(k) with my TC delay pedal… Strings by Dean Markley, fretwrap by GruvGear, bass by Marleaux bass

Tapping with Dale Edward and Gang…

  28.01.2016   Ari   Playing   11 Comments

Tapping Many Parts Dale Edward invited me to be part of his submission for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest with his song Hold On. When neither horns’ nor guitarists’ schedules would

Q&A: Playing Chords

Q&A: Playing Chords Brian S. asks: Do you find string spacing to be an issue with your chord playing?  Meaning do you want smaller string spacing or wider string spacing

Just some bass grooves…

  30.09.2015   Ari   Playing   No comments

    Having fun with just some bass grooves. Enjoy! Bass grooves anyone? Just me playing some bass grooves on a variety of Marleaux basses including a Soprano Bass…. Gerald

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