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Known Typos in some earlier print versions of Music Theory for the Bass Player

Note: All versions of the book available on Amazon have typos corrected. The book’s publishing date is 2015; corrections were continuously submitted since that time. The publishing date will still say 2015. If you have the book with the red flag on the cover, you can ignore this errata page!

A few gremlins survived our diligent editing process! It included four professional editors, so those were some pesky buggers! We corrected the typos as soon as possible so most likely a version of the book bought after late 2016 will not feature any of these. If you are unsure or have an older version, download this PDF file – it has the corrections marked out in color so you can easily mark your copy, even if you don’t know any theory at all (YET!). 

Happy Learning!

   ERRATA_PLUS TABLES_MusicTheoryForTheBassPlayer

Note: I recommend you buy this book new rather than used:Ariane Cap Book Music Theory for the bass player

  • as a workbook it provides space to write into. 
  • typos have continually been fixed.
  • by buying new you support me, which helps me greatly in creating new products, as I have several new books, courses and learning aides planned. Thank you!

The latest version available at the time of this writing has a red flag on the upper right corner of the cover, see arrow. Even though the source files for printing were updated as recently as April 2017, it will say published August 2015, reflecting the original publishing date. 




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