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Known Typos in some earlier print versions of Music Theory for the Bass Player

These little gremlins survived our diligent editing process that included four editors! Versions released after August 2016 have errors corrected.

p 11: The arrow in the bassist’s score should point to C4, not C5.
p 20: last question at h should be Dx – G#.
p 30: E diminished scale descending TAB: E natural is on fret 7, not six.
p 41: TAB last line last bar should be 55755575755 (positioning on strings is correct).
p 51: TAB misses  two notes after the repeat sign (2 and 3 on E) last note should be 5, not 4.
p 61: in the box, Names of Scales is #4, not 3.
p 62: TAB last 5 notes should be 2 (on D) 5 5 5 3.
p 64: third paragraph from the bottom  The added sharps occur in the order of falling (descending) fourths; The added flats occur in the order of falling (descending) fifths.
p 66: in the lower diagram the words minor third and major third got moved, should be pointing at the minor third from B to D, and the major third from D to F#.
p 71: diminished triads, second diagram  finger 3 should be on the fifth fret of the E string (A), finger 4 on the sixth (Eb).
p 84: second diagram, finger number 2 should be on fourth fret (C#)2. Alternate fingering of TAB has the 2’s one string too low.
p 85: Chord symbol: Amin/C
p 102:  at top diagram: C major is relative major of A minor, A minor is relative minor of C major).
p. 125: Pattern 3 fingering should say “1” on the lower root (not “4”)
p 161: #1d D 10th and A 3rd. p 161: Section D Notefinder G# six string should be 9, 4, 11, 6, 1, 8.
p 162: #3h D-G perfect fourth.
p 164: #6 c: Bmin.
p 175: Cadence I – IV – V – I.



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