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🧭 How This Works

Feel free (and it actually IS free!) to hang out on our public board [Tim add link]; you can participate in live Office Hours with Ari and get your questions answered, contribute to the bass banter, and enjoy plenty of our free resources in our General Admission area.

The real magic, however, happens when you bring structure and invaluable feedback to your practice and join our members-only communities! 

🚀 Rapid Results Practice w Ari

Meet live with Ari each week (or watch the recording!). All you need to do is show up with your bass and practice along. Ari will create well-rounded practice sessions and walk you through them step by step as well as give you feedback in real time.

This is the next best thing to private lessons, just that you have the additional benefit of learning not only from Ari but also together with your peers.

This is awesome because:

🧩 It is useful to see where you stand! 

❣️ It will give you comfort to realize that others experience similar learning curves as you.

🙋‍♀️ Someone may just ask a question that you didn’t even know how to ask. 

💜 We have a super supportive vibe!

🎸We take learning and the bass seriously – but not ourselves (after all, there is FUN in funk!).

How active you want to be is up to you  

👀 You can stay on mute and practice along in the background – great! 

🙋Or, volunteer for a drill and get real-time feedback from Ari – you got it!  

Get Started

🚀 Look for the Rapid Results Practice Area in the left sidebar. 

Topics of Rapid Results Practice

  • Varied. A bit of everything to make a well-rounded, general practice session.
  • Lots of improv. Shed, shed, shed. Resources and references provided, so it works for various levels. 
  • A great place to come back to each week and keep improving.

In addition, we offer:

  • Practice Groups live with hand-picked teachers as well as Ari on select topics.
  • Self Guided Courses

What’s important now is that you start. 

🖱 The best place is to head on over to our Rapid Results Practice Community. 

📅 Check the calendar for our next session. 

🎸 Take the first step by attending your first live class or by watching a rerun. 

🚀 You won’t know until you actually do it!  

If you aren’t already signed up for Rapid Results Practice do it now:



🤕 Stop it with the band-aids. 

Things like TAB, only learning songs and never creating any of your own bass lines, never refining your technique or phrasing or understanding how music is put together… They kinda sorta sometimes work. 

💡 Much better to learn:

  • systematically
  • comprehensively
  • step by step
  • smartly

🎯 What you can expect from us

We get you real, tangible results because improving feels fantastic!
We do this by showing you 

  • what to practice
  • and how to practice

If you follow along you will improve faster than you ever thought possible. 

📈We create a great learning trajectory with 

  • Milestones
  • Consistency and Accountability. (We help you every step of the way)
  • Community. (Make friends along the way and enjoy the additional motivation)
  • Confidence building. No judgment here. We welcome all levels! Feedback means we can learn from each other. We don’t allow Negative Nellies, we keep it real, and we keep going – because we do deep learning – we tweak it until it clicks!