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Get the book and theory wall chart and join the online course for bass players. Ari is an experienced educator, bass coach, and performer – explore this site for ways to learn from her.

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Bass Playing is like Martial arts
Bass Playing is Like Martial Arts
Ari | 21, May

Practicing Tip: How Playing Bass is Like Martial Arts by Wolfgang Wein Playing bass is a lot like martial arts: There are rules and best practices The stakes are high – play a wrong note and the singer might attack you with lethal force (read: fire you from the band!) There are masters of the craft

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ear exercise ariane cap
An Eye-opening Ear Exercise
Ari | 14, May

A Quick and Useful Ear Exercise Developing confident ears remains one of the most requested items on my student’s intake forms. Below I will show you a great new Ear Exercise I have been using lately with my students below! There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding what ear training is, does, and

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tiny habits for tiny musicians
Tiny Habits™ for Practicing Musicians (and their Kids)
Ari | 04, May

Getting Yourself (or Your Kids!) to Practice Without Nagging or Guilt-tripping Practicing – or even just playing – your instrument ideally is a joyful activity you look forward to. And often when you have gigs on the books, tours coming up, recording dates, auditions on the horizon – motivation will be super high and long

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Expand Online Summit
Ari | 02, May

Expand Online Summit As many of you know I built my own teaching platform online. This is a monumental effort for which I soon discovered I needed help. I found a trusted developer named Jaime who has worked on some design and technical aspects of my setup over the last few years. As a matter

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Bass Fills and THrills Ariane Cap
Bass Fills and Thrills (New Course)
Ari | 28, April

Bass Fills and Thrills (Brand New TrueFire Course!) I am thrilled (pun intended) to announce that my third course published by TrueFire is now out and humming. After recently releasing “Groove Creation Station” – a course on how to create your own grooves – we just now released “Bass Fills and Thrills”, on – you

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kala ubass short-scale
Short-Scale Shedding- VIDEO (Kala U-Bass Talking Technique)
Ari | 23, April

Short-scale Shedding What’s a short-scale bass? Short-scale basses are en vogue right now and certainly a useful part of any professional’s arsenal. By way of definition, short-scale basses have a scale length shorter than 31 inches. Medium-scale basses measure between 31 and 34 inches. Standard is 34, and long-scale anything longer than that! Unsure whether

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Remote video collaboration
Quarantine Blues! (How to do a remote video collaboration)
Ari | 16, April

Corona Blues? Make a remote video! I am sending good thoughts to all my readers and bass friends.❤️ It’s been a challenging time for so many due to a variety of reasons, including health challenges, dealing with isolation, difficult care-taking situations, not being able to work or working overdrive and double shifts, and more. Big

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teaching music online
Free Webinar on how to Teach Music Online
Ari | 16, March

Music Teachers: How to Take Your Music Teaching Online Many of my musician friends and colleagues are in dire straits right now because of gig cancellations and school closures. I understand the sentiment – I lost several awesome camps and gigs I had been looking forward to myself (Bass Boot Camp got rescheduled, Women’s Camp

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Bass BootCamp 2020 Ariane Cap Ariane Cap Philly Bass Bootcamp
Why I love Philly: Bass Boot Camp! (POSTPONED)
Ari | 07, March

** Please note that Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp has been postponed and rescheduled for August 14 – 16! **   Four Reasons why I love Philly, where Bass BootCamp is about to hit!   Why I love Philadelphia Philly is special to me for a variety of reasons already… though, as you will see Bass

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seventh chords
Are all Dominant Chords Seventh Chords?
Ari | 27, February

Do dominants, secondary dominants, or tritone substitutions have to be seventh chords? You might think yes. But really, no…. This deserves further explanation which I provide in my response to the Quora poster. Included in my explanation is how even single notes can imply the dominant effect. And a deeper dive into the all-important tritone.

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The Rainbow of Modes (Video, Student Feature)
Ari | 20, February

Really hearing the modes It is quite fitting to use a song about the rainbow as a teaching tool for the (often dreaded but oh so beautiful!) modes… Watch my student Carmie – who starred in another student feature a while back – beautifully demonstrate a terrific ear training exercise he picked from our popular

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Truefire Groove Creation Station
Groove Creation Station – New Course!!
Ari | 10, February

Fresh off the printing press… This course that Wolf and I created for Truefire is now available!           Probably one of the most frequent requests I get from students is t learn to create their own grooves. And in this course, I bring you a clever formula that will get you

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The point of DIMINISHING returns…
Ari | 06, February

Is it true that when music calls for a diminished chord, it really means a diminished 7th? Ahh… the diminished chord. It does cause confusion. Because one needs to be really precise with nomenclature, it generates questions like this one from a Quora poster. Diminished chords come your way in a variety of styles of

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Student Feature jeremy sherman
Student Feature: Jeremy Sherman
Ari | 16, January

Student Feature Jeremy: Beautiful Practice in A One of the milestone exercises I assign to almost all of my students over the course of me working with them is our Beautiful Practice Routine. Beautiful Practice is an exercise that I featured in a Talking Technique Video. Because it was so successful on that platform, I

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Scale Strategies [Video]
Ari | 09, January

Talking Technique: 11 Strategies for Learning an Alien Scale Okay, not that kind of alien… but rather a new or unfamiliar scale. It’s important to be rock solid with your scales. In all areas of the instrument. In all keys. Whether it is the good old major scale or a more exotic fare, spending time

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New Year’s Buddy Support Cohort 2020!
Ari | 31, December

Bass New Year’s Resolutions! Have you made New Year’s resolutions before about playing more bass only to break them within a few weeks? The Truth about learning an instrument is… It takes a bit of patience and discipline. Our 20 unit course is systematic and in-depth. From technique to grooves, from applying theory to fills,

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Powerful Practice Tip
Ari | 12, December

Reframing your practice… Wolf Wein and Ariane Cap   A crucial aspect of learning is coming to the point (although it’s not actually a point, but rather a stage on the journey) where you know you can do something. You are aware of your skill – aware of what you can do and what you

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Alberti Bass for Finger Fitness and Theory Shedding [Video]
Ari | 05, December

A common question I hear a lot has to do with practice routines: “What are some good exercises to improve my technique?” “What should my practice routine look like?” “How can I be more creative?” “How can I make music theory accessible and practical?” Well, I love, love, LOVE exercises that practice more than one

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Two Great Gifts in one Email (and Solo Bass Night)
Ari | 11, November

I have been gigging and traveling non-stop: London, Austria, Germany, Florida, San Francisco. So, no educational blog this week, but I do bring gifts! Solo Bass Night VII in LA (Read on for gifts!) Solo Bass Night was such a celebration in the Bay Area (sold out!), we are doing it all over again in

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Omitting the fifth in chords… Why?
Ari | 07, November

I have a few Quora answers for you today. The first one is for guitarists, but highly relevant for us bassists, as well. Guitarists/Pianists omitting the fifth in chords One person commented on my answer: “This is one of the best two-minute music lessons I have experienced, maybe ever…” Why is the fifth note often

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Bass Solo versus Solo Bass
Ari | 24, October

With solo bass night upon us,   (compile of the Los Angeles Show, there are two, see solobassnight.com) the question re-emerges… what is solo bass? Bass Solo So, there are bass solos…. when a bass player plays a solo, when the band “gives the bass player some” – after dutifully laying down the groove and

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Healthy Bassist

Persuasive Point For Good Bass Technique

November 30, 2015   14 Comments

In this blog post I will put a bit of attention on the importance of good overall bass technique when playing and tell you about an awesome experience I had a few months ago that plays right into healthy bass technique. Effective Bass Technique – My Take in a Nut Shell I believe effective right

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