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Ari's School of Bass

Ari's Path

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Step by Step to Bass Excellence

Find your entry point or travel the entire journey! We help with our levels assessments to set you on your path to true musicianship on the bass. 
Ari’s methods (co-developed with her teacher Wolf Wein) are consistent and rest on several Core Principles. These Core Principles run consistently through all of her books, courses, and teachings. 

A Few of Our Core Principles – How I teach



🪂  An open mind and an adventurous spirit.
🧭  Willingness to follow detailed instructions & to freely experiment.
❤️‍🔥 A love of music and a desire to dig deeper!
🔭 Ready to explore music’s magic systematically using 

    • mindtheory! 
    • bodysense it, feel it! 
    • spiritdig it!

It’s playful and endlessly interesting, and it feels amazing to make reliable progress! 

Members of our Membership receive huge discounts on courses.


If you are a member as you take courses the membership pays for itself. Take the opportunity to supplement your course study with songs and practice tips!

School of Bass offers:


10-Week Intensives Live


New Years Cohort 

10-Week Intensives Reruns

Chris D.
Chris D.Member
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In this supportive and dedicated community, we’re learning not just the theory but what the theory is good for, and why and when;

not just what the bass can do in the practice room, but how it works together with the drummer, how it works in support of the soloist, even how it works on the dance floor.

The more I work with Ari's approach the more I appreciate how powerful it is.
Dave L
Dave LMember
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Membership is great! You can choose which live lessons to attend and what you want to learn, and you can always watch the recording...
Dave Lcontinued
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...Ari is a brilliant teacher who always makes the lessons fun but also challenging. She teaches us songs to help build our repertoire on the bass but always breaks down and analyzes the songs for our music theory and technique learning.
Dave Lcontinued
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Ari created a friendly and supportive online community where bassists of all levels are welcome.
Laurent D
Laurent DMember
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One of the killer aspects (of the membership) is the possibility to join multiple sessions each week.

Another aspect is that Ari gives you a lot of material to dig deeper into (eg: pdfs, musescore, iRealPro, etc...). It's quite rich!

I get a solid, lively, dynamic framework to build my everyday practice with…

Laurent Dcontinued
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...I love the depth of the explanations. She knows her stuff and has so many ways to drill down on any particular aspect.

I am learning as I am practicing. Sound trivial but it's not.

If you feel like you are going nowhere, this is the place where everything makes sense..
Ian G
Ian GMember
Read More
I love ear training Mondays..

I feel like I always walk away with a new piece of knowledge and a better understanding of the relationships within a key.

The Path

We are busy creating new books and courses for you.
As some of our learning paths are very popular but the courses and books not entirely finished yet, we offer reruns of select Practice Groups in the meantime.

The perfect place to start. 
Our Beginner Series is in the works. For now, we can offer reruns of Beginner 10-Week Intensives. Enjoy!

No musical background required. We start with tuning and all the basics. Catch bad habits before they even form. Tune your ear and your musicality right from the start! 

Learn how music is put together and how it all relates to the fretboard. Engrain Music Theory through shapes – it makes reading chord charts and sheetmusic easier later.
Take our 20 unit flagship course – it goes through the book and far far beyond. 
Intermediate and Advanced learners will get a lot out of this layered course that teaches you to create your own bass lines, to put the theory to use in improvisations and more. Finger kung fu drills hone your technique! Quizzes and motivation on the way!

Learn Ari’s six favorite paths to train your ear. An in-depth class that starts from scratch helps you understand the power of ear training in the context you need it. This is ear training bass in hand, using improvisation, theory knowledge and a playful approach. Discover why rhythms can change your pitch perception and vice versa and the power of the bass in the chord structure.  
If you think you are tone deaf, Ari has a great way to help you calibrate your ear to get you started in the right direction. 
If you are advanced, learn strategies to go deeper. 
Beginner through Advanced. 
This is a course X hours


Core Method

Intermediate to Advanced. 
These are several reruns of Practice Groups/Intensives. All the way to Level 6.
Must start with Level 1 even if advanced, since Level 1 in the method. 


Feel Rhythm in your body

Reruns of Intensives
Beginners who cannot feel rhy must take this course
great for Reading, sharpening your groove, advanced

Aris Matrix = shapes!


Builds on the pattern system, builds on theory

shapes shapes shapes


Play with relaxation

let music come to you


Beginner to Advanced
Speed drills 



Jazzy Jazz, the standards you love


Low intermediate and up. Soloing.
Past Practice Groups
Check out our SONGLIST


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Courses

Click on the zoom link at the time of the event to join. 

Ari presents the subject matter and leads the group in specially crafted exercises and drills. 

Simply practice along (you can hear yourself, but nobody else can unless you choose to unmute yourself). It’s very interactive, you can ask questions and play if you like, or just watch and learn.

With Ari’s multi-cam setup, you will see closeups of her fingerings and fretboard from every critical angle.

You receive study materials, jam tracks, PDFs, plus access to a recording of the session for you to review afterward. Participants are welcome and encouraged to unmute themselves to ask any questions or share their artistic interpretation of a given drill. 

You can take our test. Once you know you can find the best fit by following these icons: 😁 rookie-friendly 😎 intermediate 🤩 advanced
Find out more about how we define levels when it comes to our platform (I just need to know

Yes! All of our PDFs have sheet music as well as TAB and chords. Reading is a great skill to have for a musician, but if you don’t know it yet, you can follow along using the TAB. And eventually you can opt to take our reading courses!

In these live sessions you spend a highly productive session each time. This is quality practice over quantity practice. 
The best way to support yourself is to make the regular live sessions a staple or watch and re-watch the recordings.

You are welcome and encouraged to practice in addition, but even if you don’t do that and just show up and practice along or simply press play, your learning curve is reliably headed in the right direction!
The kind of practice you do here is so engaging, motivating and fun that you are effortlessly forming a solid habit!

The EarConfidence Course is excellent for self-study, while the live events provide hands-on training.

I do not like (most) app-based, interval-identifying ear training. What you need in jam sessions and on stage you learn much better bass in hand! Our eartraining will get you ready! We also aim to teach you to ditch the TAB.

Our EarTraining live classes provide light bulb moments, and creative breakthroughs and give you confidence as a player. EarTraining is vital training for any musician. And it’s fun, too, as we have our favorite tool – the bass – in hand!

All of our programs come with course portals that offer practice materials, PDFs with TAB, jamtracks plus the recordings. It’s all well organized and at your finger tips.

A computer with an internet connection, your bass and an amp in the room; that’s it! Even tablets or smartphones work, but computers offer better audio quality. If you have an audio interface and want to go fancy, go for it, but simple works well, too. 

The short of it is: 
Our memberships have a 2-week trial starting on the date of purchase. To claim a full refund, email us within two weeks from your initial date of purchase (ie when you first signed up) to receive a full refund.

As a member you are entitled to certain discounts as described above. In order to enjoy the full benefits of these discounts, you must stay a member until the Ten Week event has concluded or, in case of courses with Installment Plans, until all installments have been made in full. If you cancel before that, adjustments to your future payments will be made.
If you cancel your membership within the trial period but used the coupons for discounts, adjustments will be made to your discounts.

Read our complete terms of service.  

Discount coupons for members as per your membership tier will be emailed to you upon signup. 

Pick any of our courses or 10-Week Intensives and copy and paste the coupon code (or type it) into the “Have a coupon?” link. 


Note: coupons apply to courses, 10 Week Intensives and Practice Groups. Coupons cannot be applied to tuition for membership.  

You can do it any time yourself.
Just log in at
righton.arisbassblog.com and click on your account under your name top right to access your account and billing details. Click cancel next to Subscriptions under Billing. That’s it!
Your membership will remain active for the remainder of the current membership cycle, and no new payments will be incurred.  

If you are a Starter Member and would like upgrade your membership so as to join more live events and have access to the complete archives of sessions and songs (and more), email us and we will send you a link to upgrade that takes the already paid for portion of the month in account. 

Your Educator: Ariane "Ari" Cap

Ariane Cap AKA “Ari”, is a world-class bassist who played, recorded, and/or toured with The Sippy Cups, Tempest, Generation Esmeralda, Muriel Anderson, Paul Hanson, Stu Hamm (as a bass duo), and others.

She is the creative force behind groundbreaking bass education: 

as the author of “Music Theory for The Bass Player” and “The Pattern System for the Bass Player,” programs such as the Rhythm Matrix, Ear Confidence, and a host of other bass methods, Ari has a solid track record of leading bassists to game-changing results. 

You may recognize her from her appearances on Scott’s Bass Lessons and TrueFire, or perhaps you’ve delved into her insightful column, “Talking Technique,” on notreble. Dubbed “The Education Guru” by Bass Player Magazine, she offers bass learning to all levels via innovative avenues. She has studied at the Universities of Music in Vienna, the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, the University of South Florida, and the University of West London, from which received her Master’s of Music.    

Find out more about Ari as a bass player
Find out more about Ari as an educator.