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What Key is this Piece of Music in?

Finding the Key to the Key… How do you know what key a piece of music is in? Great question that I get a lot. Sometimes it’s simple. other times

One to Ponder as You Figure out How the Fretboard Works

Question about Notes on the Fretboard Ask and you shall receive. Matter of fact, it is really helpful to me if the student freely asks about things he or she is

Why learn Intervals?

  29.08.2016   Ari   Q&A   3 Comments

Just got this question in from a course participant. I know it is on the mind of many players, so here is a blog post answer, basically to the question:

Bass Bit 11: The Diminished Scale (BB #11)

The Diminished Scale In this Bass Bit I will walk you through another sequence of seconds – in this case major and minor seconds alternate. If you alternate major and

Bass Bit 9: Chromatic Shed: A Most Freeing Exercise (BB#9)

Chromatic Scale Shedding This is one of the most freeing and fun exercise imaginable – shedding the chromatic scale in a musical way using a delay pedal. If you don’t

Bass Bit 8: Seconds on the Bass 1 (BB#8)

Seconds Part 1 In this segment I show you fingerings and concepts of the minor and major seconds, how to hear the difference and more. Hear and see the hip grooves demonstrated

Bass Bit 7: Interval: Prime – Fingering, Rockgrooves, Tips (BB#7)

Not prime ribs… Prime tips! This blog post contains the highlights of the interval that is called the prime. It sheds light on the question what a unison is, how

Intervals – Ultimate Introduction! (BB#6)

This video is an introduction to intervals. In it, I tackle everything from interval quantity, quality, major/minor to diminished/ augmented. And I make sense of the question why E to

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