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One to Ponder as You Figure out How the Fretboard Works

Question about Notes on the Fretboard Ask and you shall receive. Matter of fact, it is really helpful to me if the student freely asks about things he or she is

Bass Bit 11: The Diminished Scale (BB #11)

The Diminished Scale In this Bass Bit I will walk you through another sequence of seconds – in this case major and minor seconds alternate. If you alternate major and

Bass Bit 5: Dots Exercise for Note Finding (BB #5)

Another Great Note Finding Exercise: Dots on the Fretboard Here is another note finding exercise that is quite simple in its set up, but that can turn into quite a

Bass Bit 4: Free Lesson on Notes: The Notefinder (BB #4)

The Notefinder This is a very powerful exercise to start you off towards knowing the notes on the fretboard. I have covered this exercise in the Cycle videos as well, but based

Bass Bit 3: The Range of the Bass (BB#3)

BB #3 The Range of the Bass (Free Lesson) Short and sweet, Bass Bit #3 gives you a little excerpt of chapter 2, talking about the range of the bass (page 10)

Bass Bit 2: Musical Alphabet Soup (BB#2)

Practicing without the Bass: Musical Alphabet Soup     Knowing the musical alphabet up, down, sideways and backwards serves us very well, yet we usually never practice it. Check out this exercise

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