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Don't just Learn Songs -
Learn from the songs!

Practice Songs Live with Ari

Long to become great on the bass?

Learning songs is an important part of your bass study. Do you feel stuck in a frustrating cycle of TAB workarounds, youtube ruts, and in general the hamster wheel of trial & error and ready to commit to something different? 

Stop and study with Ari who will set you on the path to real confidence on the fretboard! No more depending on YouTube and TAB, fishing for notes and just getting through the song somehow…  but imagine relying on your ears, your chops, and your ability to play freely because you
🎸 know the fretboard
💡 understand how music is put together (ie: Theory!)
🙌 and can play freely and with confidence!
🌅 Most importantly you can explore your unique creativity and musicality! 

As a member, you can now take part in live group lessons with Ari, where you explore all this using songs we all love!

Isn't learning a song just playing the right notes at the right time?

Not for the pros! True musicians go way beyond that. You can, too! Ari shows you how.

Don’t just learn the songs. Learn from the songs! Practice effectively, playfully, step by step, and in such a way that it helps your theory, your musicality, your chops and your creativity.  

How is this different?

This is not...

We are not here to give you the illusion of learning when, in fact, nobody really believes in you. 


This is not the easiest path, but it works, and fast!

📗 Learn theory so well you can forget about it. We do this by using it!
🙌 Learn songs and go way beyond them by exploring what you can learn from them. 
🕺 Go deep into the groove – to depths you hadn’t thought possible.   
🎯  Focused, smart and effective practice referencing step-by-step programs while learning songs! 
🐈‍⬛  This is practicing like the cats and with Ari’s help, you can do it, too! 
💛  Our community and vibe is super encouraging and inspiring! Everyone welcome!   

Ready for efficient, clever and fun?

What if I am a Beginner😁? Or Advanced🤩

We have a different day for various levels, including newbs.
To find your place, you can self-assess, ask us for guidance, or use our levels tool which you can use immediately upon joining.  

Nobody will ever make you feel awkward or out of place, you don’t have to pass a test or perform perfectly. We are all there to learn and we learn from each other, so participation is – while not mandatory – very much encouraged!

Rest assured that wherever you are on your learning journey, there is always a next step, and that is true for everybody. 
Let’s just take that next step and not worry about the rest. It feels awesome to finally actually improve!    

When are classes?

You can view our current schedule below. 

  • Mondays – Beginner and newbies 😁
  • Thursdays – Lower Intermediate to Intermediate 😎
  • Fridays – Advanced Intermediate to Advanced 🤩

Some of our students attend all three days,
while others choose their level (their day) and stick with that! 
Others dip in and out as they like and work a lot with the recordings.

A typical month offers 12 events: 9 Song Classes, EarTraining, and special Events


As a member you may attend as many live classes a month as you like!

Our calendar shows you the times. All events with one or more star icons are included in your membership! Classes are three weeks out of every month and there are additional special events and student showcases as well!

What’s super popular is the fact that we learn songs! Often we start the song with simple drills on Monday to get the basics and chops down, zoom in on the theory on Thursdays and finish it off with cool “overlays”, improvisations, solos and “reductions” where we learn how to “play in the style of” and go far beyond the song by Friday!

Should you miss a live class, you can watch the recordings!  

Click on “view more” on any day to see all events!

What is a class like?

Everyone is on zoompracticing along with what Ari is showing you

Participants are muted and can ask questions or get feedback at any time. 

Every live session is a well-rounded, stand-alone practice session with new level-appropriate material every time!
Students have access to PDFs, jam tracks, and other assets in a learning portal!

Sessions get recorded, so you can (re)watch later. 

We work on songs, on technique, theory, ear-training, practicing techniques… and most importantly, Ari shows you how to practice effectively

Can I try it?

Because we only have a limited amount of availability for members, seats are highly coveted. You can now prepay for a year at a discount or you can go month-to-month. You are in control from your account portal and can stop and start at any time. So if you are unsure, try it for a month and commit to a year with the discount once you have seen it’s for you. You can start any day of the month as whatever day you start on is your day 1. 

Who is Ari?

The developer of the PORA method and other inovative practice methods, Ari has a classical music as well as an academic background and a coaching education, thousands of hours of teaching under her belt, and a true passion (obsession?) for making you better in a short amount of time.  

Ari and her partner Wolf have developed several groundbreaking learning programs that make you better fast, no matter where you start.  

Music Theory for the Bass Player and The Pattern System for the Bass Player (written with Wolf Wein) are frequent bestsellers on Amazon. 

More info on Ari here. More info on Wolf here.

🙌 It simply feels amazing to know what you are doing on the fretboard! 

🎸 It’s unbelievably cool to improvise and make a song your own!

🌅 This is the transformation from being a mere copy-cat to becoming the true musician you have always wanted to be!

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