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Live Practice w Ari - Why it works!

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Whether you found your way here via one of Ari’s books, SBL, TrueFire, or notreble, welcome! We offer not only a variety of topics but also a variety of learning paths. 
Joining our Membership is hands down the best place to start to experience this game-changer!
You will find everyone here very welcoming, and that applies to all levels!
During live sessions you are muted on your end and we can only hear you if you’d like to ask a question or show us something. 

Familiar with Ari's Teachings?

As many hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon attest to – it’s easy to get awesome results from Ari’s books and courses on your own.

Online learning and reading books can get a bit lonely, however, and many long for additional help, motivation, and encouragement. Ideally, they would love to study with Ari personally and explore her methods and content much further.

With this new membership you can do just that!

When is all this going down?

We are offering several dates most weeks.

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How much is this?

Insane value – for just $99.00 a month you can participate in as many live sessions you like. 
(You pay more for private lessons at your local music store! And this offers you about 15 sessions LIVE with Ari each month!)

This is as almost good as private lessons with her  – and those are hard to come by these days and high ticket!

The Levels tool will place you.
Sessions are packed with usable info!
No fluff, no stories, no distractions, no showing-off.

Just solid, usable exercises that will make you a better player. 

Guaranteed! You can now check it out for free for 2 weeksas !

How do I start?

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