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AC/DC Thunderstruck Riff

The Lightning Quick Thunderstruck Riff

Thunderstruck by Bass Technique? (pssst: hey guitarists, we bass players can play AC/DC riffs, too!)   AC/DC’s Thunderstruck provides us with a perfect opportunity to

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chromatic acrobtics
Teaching Videos

Practice Hack – Chromatic Acrobatics

Chromatic Acrobatic – Practice Hack Chromatic approaches can be extremely effective to add spice to an otherwise “inside” bassline. In this episode, “Chromatic Acrobatics 2”

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Chromatic Acrobatics 2
Teaching Videos

More Chromatic Acrobatics [Video]

More Permutation Drills in Action? Chromatic Acrobatics 2! You don’t have to have Chromatic Acrobatics 1 under your belt to tackle this one, but you

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