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Workshop Resources For The Love of Tone (Gift for you in the end)

Tool 1 – No Tool

“Music Theory for the Bass Player” page 6

(Saying note names up and down a string, using sharps, flats, doubles; say half steps, whole steps, thirds etc )  Do this at traffic lights, for example

Tool 2 – Technique – Warm up the Fingers

Permutation exercises: download below


Tool 3 – Principles of Rotating Attention – Warm up the Mind

Ari’s “PORA” Technique

Tool 4 – The “Note Finder Exercise”

“Music Theory for the Bass Player”  Notefinder exercise page 12 and 13

How many Notes are there?

 Tool 5 – Pedals 

I am linking to my personal favorites below. Please make buying at your local music store your first choice, whenever possible.

Looper Pedal

Delay Pedal – using the hocket delay setting

Freeze Pedal

Tool 6 – “Pedaling”

Great for scales. Play the root (or fifth) in between  each scale note

4+4 and 3+3+2 patternsare great to start

Tool 7 – Playing to tracks/with others

irealPro/Background tracks/Transcribe! Mac/ Transcribe Win (to transpose back ground tracks)/a buddy

Tool 8 – “Groove and Fill”

Groove a bar/fill a bar. Great shape to start with: “Big Box/Little Box” for the minor pentatonic.

Tool 9 – The Cycle and the Diatonic Cycle

Here is a back ground track for a major diatonic cycle in the key of G: Diatonic Cycle in G major 1-4-7-3-6-2-5-1

Also check out Beautiful Practice in Major and Minor. (accompanying PDFs there)

Tool 10 – Shapes and Patterns

Five Major Pentatonic Shapes, Please


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