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Student Feature: Harry’s Journey Over the Rainbow

  13.01.2022   Ari   Student Feature, Videos   No comments

A Rainbow of Colors: A Great Modes Drill Many students are incredibly confused about the modes – what they are, how they sound, how to use them, etc.  My theory

The Rainbow of Modes (Video, Student Feature)

  20.02.2020   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

Really hearing the modes It is quite fitting to use a song about the rainbow as a teaching tool for the (often dreaded but oh so beautiful!) modes… Watch my

What are the characteristics of the Dorian Mode (with sample videos)?

  25.07.2019   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

Seems like Quora liked my answer on the phrygian characteristic last week, because I got similar request today, this time for: The characteristic of Dorian! Many of the answers recommended

What are the characteristics of Phrygian mode in music?(with sample videos)

  18.07.2019   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

Scroll down and click the Quora link to watch the videos: A Quoran requested my answer to the question: What are the characteristics of Phrygian? A few of the other

A Cool Scale to use over a Dominant: The Lydian Dominant Sound!

Dominant 7#11 – The Lydian Dominant Sound Dominant seventh chords are all about tension! Why? Quick reminder, there is a tritone between the third and seventh of a dominant seventh

Watch my Student teach you Modes…

Take it from my student Stephen: This is how you know… that you know modes! My student Steve was kind enough to let me post this from a recent lesson.

Hearing the Modes – Made super easy!

  8.06.2018   Ari   Ear Training, Learn   4 Comments

Remember the shortcuts to Modes from last week? Here is a great ear training exercise to hearing the modes. It is so amazingly easy, it is wild. Remember there are

Are the Modes all Greek to You? (Super Short Cut!)

Are you Mystified by the Modes? I have a theory (not a music theory in this case, ha) which is that some are eyeing the modes with suspicion because they

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