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The Rainbow of Modes (Video, Student Feature)

The Rainbow of Modes (Video, Student Feature)

Really hearing the modes

It is quite fitting to use a song about the rainbow as a teaching tool for the (often dreaded but oh so beautiful!) modes…

Watch my student Carmie – who starred in another student feature a while back – beautifully demonstrate a terrific ear training exercise he picked from our popular Ear Training Course “Ear Confidence – Six Paths to Fearless Ears”

The points of the exercise are:

  • Identify the modes from brightest to darkest sound
  • Apply playing the modes to a song
  • Play the song in all modes (from brightest to darkest) and
  • observe that only one note changes from one shade to the next



I have written extensively about the modes on this blog:

Where to start if they are all Greek to you.

The importance of distinguishing between modal and functional harmony.

Super easy shortcuts hearing the modes.

And even a technique exercise (Talking Technique Video) to get the modes under your fingers on one string.

Had a student demonstrate a great exercise on how to practice the modes.

Hear the dorian mode in a pop song

David Bowie treats us to Phrygian

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