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Bass Bit 9: Chromatic Shed: A Most Freeing Exercise (BB#9)

Chromatic Scale Shedding This is one of the most freeing and fun exercise imaginable – shedding the chromatic scale in a musical way using a delay pedal. If you don’t

Jumps on the Fretboard (TT#3)

  Jumps on the fretboard (Talking Technique #3, Talking Technique 3 is up on In this episode I tackle a few ways to practice playing without looking, all over

Bass Bit 8: Seconds on the Bass 1 (BB#8)

Seconds Part 1 In this segment I show you fingerings and concepts of the minor and major seconds, how to hear the difference and more. Hear and see the hip grooves demonstrated

Bass Bit 7: Interval: Prime – Fingering, Rockgrooves, Tips (BB#7)

Not prime ribs… Prime tips! This blog post contains the highlights of the interval that is called the prime. It sheds light on the question what a unison is, how

Pentatonic Playground for Bass – Special Holiday Discount!

Pssssst… I have a little holiday gift for you: readers of my blog can now get 15% discount on my course “Pentatonic Playground for Bass”.  Order by clicking through below and using the

Permutation Variation (TT#2)

As you get fitter permutating the fingers of your left hand, let’s use the permutation exercises creatively on some symmetric scales. Enjoy! Post on Episode 2 Talking Technique: Permutation

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