Pentatonic Playground for Bass – Special Holiday Discount!

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However you are spending and celebrating the holidays, I hope they are filled with family, friends, music and joy.
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If you have been curious about the “pattern system’ I often talk about – this course contains the patterns for the pentatonics, for starters. Pentatonics are super important for the bass player. The level of this course is intermediate.
“Pentatonics are powerful building blocks for hip grooves, exciting fills, cool solos and catchy melodies for blues, jazz, rock, pop, country, latin and virtually any contemporary style of music. In this course, I’ll show you five very versatile pentatonic shapes and then give you a systematic approach for applying those five shapes, all over the neck, in a variety of musical contexts.”


The discount code again: AdventatonicPG

The Bass I use in this video series is a Votan Marleaux XS.