Two Octave Triad Fills: A very cool Talking Technique Episode

Two Octave Triad Fills: Talking Technique!

In Episode 19 of Talking Technique I show you a cool way to come up with fills. These involve triads, descending. To make them convincing, we figure out how they lie just right so we come out on top of the next bar with big effect. I am very partial to this episode, because if you really think it through it should give you oodles of ideas to come up with cool fills on your own, involving triads and other music theory structures. I also go over best fingerings, so you can get these shapes under your fingers with maximum benefit and ease, and, as a result, good tone. This one comes with an elaborate PDF to make it easier for you.
Enjoy, spread the word, comment. And most of all, practice!  You know I love hearing form you – why not shoot a video of yourself attempting this? I’d love to see it. Email the link privately via the contact form or comment here, if you like. If you want to keep it anonymously, you can. And either way, I am cheering you on!
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Access the PDF to Episode 19.