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I am very happy you are here, on my blog! My blog ( is dedicated to bass education, courses, learning, my blog. is my artist site and I have completely redesigned it with the help of my awesome web wiz Amber Kim.

For new releases, artist news, bio, audio, video, pictures, please have a visit there.

I have also added an educational section on the arianecap website. Especially the info-guides are listed in a way that makes them very easy to access. Check out the Learn menu and select the seminars and teaching tab. I will be rotating favorite teaching (as well as performance) videos there on a regular basis. I have feature articles, reviews, interviews, and more. Enjoy!

There is a separate mailing list on that you can subscribe to for artist news. Artist news are rare, irregular updates, whereas the blog has lots of new content each week – sent in one weekly email.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think!