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Remember How You Remembered Pi? (On Bass Mnemonics)

“May I have a large container of coffee?”  This handy mnemonic never made it to my German speaking  classroom back in high school, but it would have come in handy

Sus2, Sus4, Sus7 or just plain Sus? I’m in Suspense!

Ah, sus chords! Sus means suspended – what we are suspending here is the third of the chord, so a sus2 or sus4 chord is essentially a chord with “something

The Music Theory for the Bass Player Spelling Bee…

It all started with marveling about the note H in the German musical alphabet and me being on the phone trying to spell something akin to Oachkatzlschwoaf (which means tale

The Ultimate Shortcut to Rhythm Changes

What does “Rhythm Changes” mean? We refer to “Rhythm Changes” to a chord sequence made famous by George Gershwin’s tune “I Got Rhythm”. The A section of this tune features

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