Talking Technique: The Pinkie Workout (Video)

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Grab your gear, we’re headed to the gym!

This workout does your fretting fingers good. Especially the little one of the bunch…

The Pinkie!

We cannot address the fourth/fifth finger separation problem often enough! They just do not like to move separately!

And to make matters worse,, the pinkie is by far the weakest of the bunch, so it needs a little extra TLC!

So let’s give it the kind of attention that it just doesn’t get in our normal daily lives – let’s strengthen it and help it to move independently from the ring finger.

This video is chock full of exercises and drills to increase the independence of  the little one. Remember to take  it easy, stay relaxed and don’t overgrip.

The PDF will come in handy.

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My favorite Strings (SR 2000’s by Dean Markley, tapered)
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Favorite Looper: Infinity by Pigtronix
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