D# or Eb? Why it matters

Eb or D# C minor C min C- triad

A Quoran asked whether it matters to call the middle note of a C minor triad D# or Eb

D# or Eb? Oh, yes, does it ever matter.

Read my answer below. It is comprehensive, yet as always I like to give you shortcuts and immediately usable tricks.

You can skip straight to the tricks and shortcuts

That said, I highly recommend you do learn the basics I mention here.

It is so much easier to grasp this rather than it is to reinvent the wheel each time one of these chords comes around!

Enjoy! And if you are a bass player, put this on the fretboard and learn the shapes and fingerings that go with it. It is a magical combination!

Read Ariane Cap’s answer to Why does it matter whether I call the middle note “D#” or “Eb” when writing a C minor chord? on Quora

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