Five Small Bass Playing Tweaks for Instant Results

Five Small Bass Playing Tweaks for Instant Results

From years of teaching, I have identified several small adjustments you can make in your playing and practicing that will make a big difference instantly. In this mini-series, I walk you through five such jewels. All five of these tips – whether technique related or practice strategy related – will give your tone and playing an instant boost. Let me know what you think!


Tweak #1

This is probably the tip I give bass players the most. Just by making this small adjustment, you gain speed and dexterity while working less and getting a beefier tone.

Tweak #2

Your back, neck, and arms will most certainly thank me for this one…

Tweak #3


If you have seen me talk about bass for more than five minutes, you likely heard me talk about this wicked habit that can slow you down and take much of the fun out of playing.

Tweak #4

If you heed this advice when using this very common practice tool you will do yourself (and your bandmates!) a huge favor!

Tweak #5


If you practice backward, your progress will run backward, too. Eliminate this common practicing error and accelerate your progress in the right direction!