Killer Octave Riff! [VIDEO]

Killer Octaves Ariane Cap

Killer Octave Riff

Turn a simple 2-chord progression into something special using a modern take on a “disco-inspired” octave groove. This killer riff is also great for shedding your technique: Challenging string crossings, a varied rhythmic pattern, and a relatively quick tempo… enjoy!

I’ll go step by step to break it down for you starting with the rhythm using dead notes. Then I add the pitches – and finally octaves – as you get more comfortable with the string jumps. I’ll show you practical fingerings and lots of tips to get you grooving this riff.

  • Tip #1: Stay relaxed and maintain quiet hands. 
  • Tip #2: “Go slow – slower – to go fast!”. 
  • Tips #3 and #4: …check out the video! 

Download the PDF for the Killer Octave Riff here

Click here to check out the episode on notreble.

Bass used is a Marleaux Consat five string