Two Marvelous Marleaux Details [Video]

marleaux Bridge

The Amazing Marleaux Bridge and the Zero Fret

It is no secret that I love my many beautiful Marleaux basses. I am blessed and truly lucky to have collected all these amazing instruments over the years. There are several reasons why I like them so much: Superior comfort and playability, absolutely amazing craftsmanship, the versatile sound they produce that works with all styles and they have never ever let me down!

I get asked about them a lot. You may be in a location where you cannot try them out and have to rely on hearsay. I am happy to share my opinion, but pardon my excitement when I do 🙂

Recently, I got a question about setting up a Marleaux. Even though Marleauxs have a zero fret (a fret right before the nut), setting them up is really standard. You can set up anything from a super low tapping action to a very high groovy-dig-in set up. Go for it! The basses come with tools in a pouch that make it all easy. It occurred to me that the Marleaux bridge (as well as the zero fret!) may be worth its own video, because the Marleaux bridge offers adjustable spacing. So, Bob (who asked me on Facebook messenger), this video is for you.

I am sure there are other basses that feature zero frets and adjustable bridges. If you have one or know of any, pop them in the chat.

Wherever you stand on basses –  from Fender purists to seven-string Fodera extravaganzas – Marleaux basses are worth checking out!

And for the record, I am an official endorser, but receive no  compensation for this plug. Just love the Marleauxs (the Marleaux Family as well as the basses! 🧡)

Check them out at

This bass you see in the video graces the cover of my new book, The Pattern System for the Bass Player – Sharpen Your Musical Mind through Fretboard Proficiency, Improvisation and Mental Practice.