Rhythmic Relevations

Rhythmic Revelations

When a student of one of our Cohorts has a question and something is not clicking I cannot let it be.

For instance: Natalie from our Cohort posted this question into our FB group (at 6:00 AM no less, a very eager student. Also, she lives in New Zealand!):

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I realized why this rhythm was hard for her

1. it’s in 3, for one, a much less common feel than 4/4, and
2. it’s got a couple of upbeats in it that are worth a closer look.

It occurred to me that helping her get this crucial information under her belt would be a terrific learning opportunity. So, I took a break from packing my boxes (I was in the process of moving cross country!!) and sat down and made a quick video to help her with this. I knew if she just learned that one bar from someone else showing it to her, it would be a missed opportunity to go deeper and give her some powerful tools to tackle these two challenges- not only for this one groove, but for all similar musical situations

Here it is:

In case you were wondering, Natalie is in our 2021 New Year’s Cohort and is an exemplary student who always does more than expected, submits homework on time, self-analyzes, and is open to coaching and feedback. This particular question was from a homework assignment in Unit 7 of the Cohort.

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