One finger per fret bass fingering in lower register

one finger per fret bass technique

Two tips if one finger per fret is hard for you in the lower registers.

Small hands? No problem!


One finger per fret bass fingering in lower register

Video Transcript

I love having the one-finger-per-fret position under my belt – but that doesn’t mean I always use it.

If I have a groove like this, for example: [ šŸŽµ Ari plays groove šŸŽµ ] I’m not gonna bother… to play that. I don’t need any other fingers and if I should need them my hand’s right there.

However, I do train myself to be able to do one-finger-per-fret in case I need it. And permutation drills are wonderful for that.

If you have a hard time doing permutations like one, two, three, four in the lower register, first of all make sure you’re not over-gripping. The next thing you can do make little micro shifts. [ šŸŽµ Ari plays permutation šŸŽµ ] My hand is very soft when I do all of this.

When I drop my hand and bring it up, it’s in the perfect position. Hit a low F – and see how few calories you can potentially use on this – which tension can you let go of – breathe into it and be gentle.