The Lightning Quick Thunderstruck Riff

AC/DC Thunderstruck Riff

Thunderstruck by Bass Technique?

(pssst: hey guitarists, we bass players can play AC/DC riffs, too!)


AC/DC’s Thunderstruck provides us with a perfect opportunity to use that iconic riff to work on speed and technique. 

It’s a bit intimidating at first glance, but employing the 8 tips and drills that I demonstrate in this Talking Technique episode, will get you past the “scary factor”. It will not only help you nail the riff, but it’s a practical blueprint that you can use to improve your technique and handle challenging lines on any tune with a quick tempo, like Thunderstruck.

And by the way, no shortcuts here. Some think that Angus used hammer-ons to play that fast and clean, but that’s just not the case. He is picking every note at 133 BPM!

And so can you! Tune in and grab the free PDF.

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Gear Geeks: Played on my Consat Marleaux Bass

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