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Quoting one of my readers

Theory for the Bass Player Book, InstructionOne of the greatest things that have happened for me since I wrote Music Theory for the Bass Player is that I get emails from bassists from all over the world. I love hearing about bass and life stories – some even tell about how music has saved a life- and many share their learning stories. Thank you for writing in,
This morning I got this, which expresses better than I ever could why I think Music Theory is worth learning:

I’m amazed at how theory gives ‘meaning’ to the music I’ve been playing all my life.
I sat down the other day and started playing a song I haven’t played in 20 years (Skin Tight, by the Ohio Players).
When I got to the bridge, which I’ve always had trouble remembering, I looked down at the fretboard and the path lit up for me and led me to the notes to play:
I walked from C to F then G to Bb, using the triad shapes as the basis of succession (C,D,E,F) (2,4,1,2 fingering) then G,A,Bb (4,1,2 fingering).That’s the part that lit up like a runway for me!
Then chromatic down from F to Eb and E,F,F#/Gb as the 10th to the D.
And the chords are C,F, Bb, Eb, D.
I heard it, saw it, felt it, anticipated it…cool beans!
I giggled like a little school girl!

Hilliard Scott, Bassist (from an email, used with permission)

Pedaling or Scales & Technique Shedding (TT#9)


Pedaling Practice

Episode 9 of Talking Technique is up on
Have you ever looked for the “biggest bang for your practicing buck”? In this episode I give you an example how to maximize your practicing efforts. We are combining two different agendas in this episode: scale practice and technique shedding. And as we practice this we come across a useful and hip sounding application: pedal tones.
Pedaling adds excitement to solos and fills. It is important to place them well, so as to not disturb the song. But used with taste, it is a great sounding addition to your creative palette. And better be ready for it, because it sounds great at a fast tempo, and it’s good to shed that a bit.
Today’s tip can save you some trouble down the line. Don’t make this common mistake. It can lead to injury and does nothing to relieve a tired hand.

TC Electronic amplifier
Marleaux Consat five string bass
Fretwraps by GruvGear on the bass
Dean Markley Strings (SR 2000)