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Did You Know That The Bass is a Transposing Instrument?

  30.03.2018   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   7 Comments

What is a Transposing Instrument? Transposing means porting a piece of music into a different key or range. Some instruments are “transposing instruments” which means that the note written on

Bach for Two Times Two

  23.03.2018   Ari   Songs and Styles, Videos   13 Comments

Bach me up! Need Bach up? Alright, enough with the puns, let’s get to some serious shedding. Bassists have loved playing Bach’s music on the electric for eons – be

Why Should I Practice Technique? I Just Want to Learn Songs…

  16.03.2018   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   1 Comment

Why should I practice Technique? Isn’t it a waste of time and much better to practice songs instead? Whenever I heard that argument I used to throw my hands up and

How to Become Great in Just Two Minutes a Day?

  9.03.2018   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   1 Comment

Before you think this is some sort of hype – hear me out. There is good science behind this… The Tiny Habits® method developed by Stanford Behavior Design Lab’s lead BJ Fogg

Buying Used? Check this or you may be in for a nasty surprise!

  2.03.2018   Ari   Gear and Setup, Tips   2 Comments

Used Versus New? Used and new, both are great choices! If a bass is new it is a blank canvas waiting for your fingers to shape its tone. If it is

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