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On Becoming an American Citizen…

  26.09.2018   Ari   Life and Play, Tips   4 Comments

It’s an American Dream story for sure…. The desire to study music in the American tradition brought me to this country. Then the dream of entrepreneurship blossomed and possibilities galore opened

Three minutes? Yes, three minutes! The Power of Focus

  21.09.2018   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   No comments

“C’mon Ari, how you say I should do this exercise for only three minutes – I haven’t even scratched the surface!” Well, actually, if you do it right, that is

To Fill or not to Fill?

  6.09.2018   Ari   Performance Hacks, Tips   2 Comments

We are getting all Shakespearean here but it is indeed that deep (ha!) of a question: To Fill or not to Fill? Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to be

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