The Whole Tone Scale – Why it’s cool! (with free jam track)

whole tone scale

I refer to this video lesson on the Whole Tone Scale regularly in my lessons

As one YouTube commenter stated:

“I always found little use in this scale, you have just changed my mind. Thanks as always! You’re amazing.”

The whole tone scale is a very educational scale because it is the easiest of all the symmetric scales. It is built from only whole steps. It hence creates very pretty shapes on the fretboard and teaches us a whole (ha!) lot about:

  • the symmetry of the bass fretboard
  • how notes work
  • shapes within shapes

There are also only two of them, so if you learn one scale you are covering six (!) chords and sounds.

Download this PDF to see the pretty shapes this scale creates.

The best way to learn this scale is to improvise over a 7 sharp 5 chord and use it. Here is a whole tone track for you to download (composed by Wolf Wein!)

Want to learn more about the whole tone scale?

A brand new episode of Talking Technique is coming out on next Monday, June 3rd! Enjoy!

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