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What are other names for I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII chords in music?

  22.08.2019   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   No comments

When I hear a great song I feel compelled to “decode” it What makes it sound cool? What’s up with these chords and why are other names for chords interesting? What

We Got Forums!

UPDATE: Our Forums have moved. Info for Cohort Participants in your Cohort! We now have a great way to connect – Check out our new Ari’s Bass Blog Forums! Or,

What is the “triangle” in Jazz?

  8.08.2019   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   1 Comment

Well, there is this triangle… There is a running gag between me and the singer/bandleader of a favorite project I am in, Generation Esmeralda. Let’s just say that triangle is

My take on Right Hand Technique [video]

Floating thumb? Three-finger Gary-Willis style? Raking? Pumping eighths? The right-hand does not only pose several opportunities for sound variations, but it is also crucial in relieving the left hand from

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