My take on Right Hand Technique [video]

Floating thumb? Three-finger Gary-Willis style? Raking? Pumping eighths?

The right-hand does not only pose several opportunities for sound variations, but it is also crucial in relieving the left hand from overgripping and plays a vital role in the overall set up to reduce tension and allow the music to flow.

So, this is an important video because you will:

  • Learn about the three points of contact and control
  • Realize how to take a load off the left hand
  • Understand when it is okay to bend your wrist
  • Optimize your speed and acuity by using the best angle and finger positioning

This video is the best preparation for my upcoming Talking Technique (#64) called “The Alternator” – a twister of a drill if there ever was one. Can you play the entire drill while keeping your fingers alternating throughout? It’s a blues of sorts and it will get your right hand sorted!

And here is “the Alternator” exercise – Grab the PDF here