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London Bass and Guitar Show 2019

London Bass and Guitar Show - EPIC! Plus: Find the hidden gift in this post… Some of my favorite highlights: Recording two courses for Scotts Bass Lessons with Nick Wells

Why all the interval sequences in your book, Ari?

  19.09.2019   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   3 Comments

Hi Ari, On page 36 of your book “Music Theory for the Bass Player”, there are two interesting statements about minor and major thirds. When repeating minor thirds, you reach

Funny Video – All 88 piano keys on the bass (no treble!)!

  12.09.2019   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   2 Comments

Happy Birthday, Notreble! We are celebrating our favorite online bass magazine by taking the “notreble” idea all the way, asking the question: Can you play all the 88 notes of

I have a new Buddy… [discount code!]

  5.09.2019   Ari   Gear and Setup, Tips   4 Comments

Everyone – meet The BeatBuddy! The fabulous peeps at Singular Sound contacted me a while back asking me if I would take a look at their BeatBuddy Pedal. I only

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