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Bass Fills and Thrills (New Course)

Bass Fills and Thrills (Brand New TrueFire Course!) I am thrilled (pun intended) to announce that my third course published by TrueFire is now out and humming. After recently releasing

Short-Scale Shedding- VIDEO (Kala U-Bass Talking Technique)

Short-scale Shedding What’s a short-scale bass? Short-scale basses are en vogue right now and certainly a useful part of any professional’s arsenal. By way of definition, short-scale basses have a

Quarantine Blues! (How to do a remote video collaboration)

  16.04.2020   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   10 Comments

Corona Blues? Make a remote video! I am sending good thoughts to all my readers and bass friends.❤️ It’s been a challenging time for so many due to a variety

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