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Bass Bit 11: The Diminished Scale (BB #11)

The Diminished Scale In this Bass Bit I will walk you through another sequence of seconds – in this case major and minor seconds alternate. If you alternate major and

Bass Bit 10: The Whole Tone Scale (BB# 10)

The Whole Tone Scale Fun to Play and Sounds Great!   In my book (Music Theory for the Bass Player) I describe the whole tone scale quite early on. Although

One-Finger-Per-Fret in the Lower Register (TT#7)

Lower Register Fitness: one-finger-per-fret Tips for Getting Your Fingers in Place Some bassists have a bit of a hard time getting the one-finger-per-fret position going in the lower register of the

Speed Training with Harmonic Minor (TT# 6)

Get up to speed – Coordination Training Harmonic Minor Style Coordination exercises need not be unmusical or boring. Here is one that is fun, practices your music theory in the

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