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One-Finger-Per-Fret in the Lower Register (TT#7)

One-Finger-Per-Fret in the Lower Register (TT#7)

Lower Register Fitness: one-finger-per-fret

Tips for Getting Your Fingers in Place

Some bassists have a bit of a hard time getting the one-finger-per-fret position going in the lower register of the bass. I received a few questions in that regard so wanted to espouse on the topic a bit more. Some even suggest to stretch or take other measures to coax the hand into submission. I think any kind of forceful activity typically backfires. The solution lies in a relaxed posture and in experimenting with the right angles. I have an exercise for you that allows you to take the lower register step by step in a relaxed way.
Watch the video below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.49.51 PM
I am proud to use Marleaux Basses and Dean Markley Strings. My amps and pedals are by TC Electronics
Fretwrap byGruvgear.
(Ariane Cap is a proud endorser for all these fine companies.)
Wolftrackaudio.com, thank you  for audio post production.

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4 Replies to “One-Finger-Per-Fret in the Lower Register (TT#7)”

  1. Hey Ari,
    I also took notice of you through Scott Devine’s SBL Academy. Your method struck a bell with me since I had noticed that I got stuck always playing the keys where I had learned them first. I had actually thought of breaking the habit by practicing songs on each string at a time, forcing me to play a song on only one string (repeating on all strings) in order to learn the notes in all places on the bass. That’s where your note-finder lesson caught my attention.
    So, I purchased your book on amazon now. I tried contacting you through the contact area of your page where I asked if there was a way to purchase a digital version of your book since I travel a lot. Either the contact form on your page is not working or you have just been too busy to answer. Since I will be off to SFO the next two weeks I decided to just get the paperback so I can practice in the hotel. But, if there is a way for purchasers to get access to a digital version that would be great.
    Thanks for the great seminars at scottsbasslessons.com.
    Sorry, that this comment has nothing to do with the above OFPF lesson. I just wanted to get in touch.
    Grüße aus Deutschland! 😉

    1. Hey Chris, I probaby landed in your spam folder. Thanks for being persistent and for making sure we are connected! This is what I replied to you on the 19th this month: Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your interest. At this time there is no digital copy available, unfortunately. To produce that properly was cost prohibitive. Hotel room practice sessions… I know them well 🙂
      Very best

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