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Dubbed a “Lifechanging” Lesson to make Your Bass Lines Swing

Dubbed a “Lifechanging” Lesson to make Your Bass Lines Swing

make bass lines swing! Burps in walking

How to Make Your Walking Bass Lines Swing

A commenter on YouTube said about this lesson on how to make your bass lines swing:

“I want you to know that, @7:58 change my life. As a bass amateur with lots of dexterity from years of finger picking on a guitar, I always felt like I couldn’t understand this. You explaining it (the ornaments) being on the other string entirely made all the difference in the world. My technique is forever changed!”

If you want to know, too, check out this lesson! 

The focus is on how to make your bass lines swing, using proper subdivision and phrasing, and cool variations including what one student called “those cool burps”. – which sounds way more fun than saying “use skips with dead notes” to make your bass lines swing!



Ready to delve into the world of “burps” in walking bass? Let’s do it, but first, be sure to download the free PDF to follow along!

Here we frame it within a broader discussion of how to make your bass lines swing:

• Exploring the contrast between playing notes in a straightforward manner versus a “swung” feel, even when dealing with quarter notes.

• Learning how to introduce rhythmic variations that will elevate any walking bass line.

• Mastering a systematic practice approach for these variations, enabling you to wield them effectively on any beat with a beautiful outcome.

Additionally, the episode contains guidance on proper technique and a recommendation for one of my favorite bass books from Mike Richmond. 

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