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Two-Handed Tapping on the bass: Get started with Chords

Two-Handed Tapping on the bass: Get started with Chords

Here are a few ideas to get you started tapping chords on the bass.


Want to try some chords, tapping style?

Here’s a good way in. Groove gear fret wrap engaged. One hand has the root and the tenth. A tenth is a third up the octave. This is major [ 🎵 Ari plays example 🎵 ] and this is minor [ 🎵 Ari plays example 🎵 ]

Good fingers for that are one and four for the major and one and three for the minor but other possibilities exist. The other hand – fifth and octave. Root 5 8 10. You can let them ring – or lift them.

And it gets cool when you start coming up with a cool pattern. Here’s a good one to get started: [ 🎵 Ari plays example 🎵 } Just up and down one two three four five six seven and then wait.

Or you can do one two three four five six seven eight and then repeat lower. [ 🎵 Ari plays example 🎵 ] Get the motion started with the metronome and get comfortable. You can play them all in order [ 🎵 Ari plays example 🎵 ] or you can break them up.

Come up with a cool pattern. [ 🎵 Ari plays example 🎵 ] Make it speak. Focus on speed when you attack that string. Lower action and thinner strings are helpful. Chord progressions

[ 🎵 Ari plays example of all major chords 🎵 ]

[ 🎵 Ari plays example of major and minor chords 🎵 ]

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