Tetrachords Workout (TT#10)

Tetrachords for Technique!

Tetrachords are four note sections of scales; in this episode I will demonstrate some good technique shedding using tetrachords. And, again, it’s a double whammy: we are practicing technique while getting fit with scales. This is great material to use in solos, especially in runs where you are trying to get to a peak point. Check out the tip at the end – it will help to keep you healthy.
Here is the post on notreble.com
And here is the video:

TetrachordsI play Marleaux basses. In this episode I am using my Custom Consat 5.
TC Electronic amplification
Dean Markley Strings (SR 2000)
Fretwrap by Gruvgear
Many thanks to WolfTrackAudio for sound engineering.

This made my day… (quoting)

Quoting one of my readers

Theory for the Bass Player Book, InstructionOne of the greatest things that have happened for me since I wrote Music Theory for the Bass Player is that I get emails from bassists from all over the world. I love hearing about bass and life stories – some even tell about how music has saved a life- and many share their learning stories. Thank you for writing in,
This morning I got this, which expresses better than I ever could why I think Music Theory is worth learning:

I’m amazed at how theory gives ‘meaning’ to the music I’ve been playing all my life.
I sat down the other day and started playing a song I haven’t played in 20 years (Skin Tight, by the Ohio Players).
When I got to the bridge, which I’ve always had trouble remembering, I looked down at the fretboard and the path lit up for me and led me to the notes to play:
I walked from C to F then G to Bb, using the triad shapes as the basis of succession (C,D,E,F) (2,4,1,2 fingering) then G,A,Bb (4,1,2 fingering).That’s the part that lit up like a runway for me!
Then chromatic down from F to Eb and E,F,F#/Gb as the 10th to the D.
And the chords are C,F, Bb, Eb, D.
I heard it, saw it, felt it, anticipated it…cool beans!
I giggled like a little school girl!

Hilliard Scott, Bassist (from an email, used with permission)

Pedaling or Scales & Technique Shedding (TT#9)


Pedaling Practice

Episode 9 of Talking Technique is up on notreble.com.
Have you ever looked for the “biggest bang for your practicing buck”? In this episode I give you an example how to maximize your practicing efforts. We are combining two different agendas in this episode: scale practice and technique shedding. And as we practice this we come across a useful and hip sounding application: pedal tones.
Pedaling adds excitement to solos and fills. It is important to place them well, so as to not disturb the song. But used with taste, it is a great sounding addition to your creative palette. And better be ready for it, because it sounds great at a fast tempo, and it’s good to shed that a bit.
Today’s tip can save you some trouble down the line. Don’t make this common mistake. It can lead to injury and does nothing to relieve a tired hand.

TC Electronic amplifier
Marleaux Consat five string bass
Fretwraps by GruvGear on the bass
Dean Markley Strings (SR 2000)

Introduction to Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs (TT#8)


Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

You can really spice up a groove by adding hammer-ons and pull-offs. As always I like to practice things in a systematic fashion. Follow along as we strengthen each finger to execute these tasks. This episode will hopefully give you lots of creative ideas, too.
By the way, pull-offs and hammer-ons do for your fingers what pull-ups and push ups do for your upper body. Definitely a comprehensive and useful routine to add to your practice regimen.
You don’t want to miss today’s tip. It tells you how to enable faster playing with less effort. Following this tip will also lead to better tone as you minimize movement. What else improves? Your timing! Check it out on notreble.com!

As always I am playing my Marleaux Consat five string bass
Also featured: TC Electronic amplification
Fretwraps by GruvGear on the bass
and Dean Markley Strings (SR 2000)

Delay Pedal Fun… or Funk!

TC Electronic Delay Pedal Fun

Enjoying my Flashback TC pedal (flashback).
Having some fun(k) with my TC delay pedal
Strings by Dean Markley, fretwrap by GruvGear, bass by Marleaux bass guitar.
The Union of Chinese Bassists asked me for some 30 seconds in B a few months ago. This was an alternate take with a funky ending. The pedal settings are as follows: set to dotted eighth notes, Feedback to zero (so you only get one return), FX level at 12 o’clock (so the delayed sound is as similar as the played one) and I like the sound of Tape or Analogue. Delay Pedal Fun…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.57.42 PMDelay Pedal by TC

Getting to Know You, my Reader

Dear Reader,

With my blog videos, the book and TrueFire course coming out, I have made a lot of changes to my teaching in the last couple of months. For example, I have started to have new students fill out a questionnaire/intake form about themselves. It has proven highly effective in mapping out goals, creating a plan, getting my gears turning to stake out a course. And it is great to find out more about my students early on.
So, I started thinking that it would also be great to find out more about you, the reader of my blog. I won’t take you through my whole intake form (which you’d get if you study with me via skype or in person), but I’d like you to answer these ten questions so I can put my thinking Cap (capitalization intended) on to continually improve my output. It’s a quick one, mostly clicking…
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.27.55 PMFeel free to skip questions for email/name.
I appreciate your time. It helps me design and create the best courses for you. I am listening.
And if you recently asked me a question, I am working on lots of videos… answers forthcoming 🙂