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Getting to Know You, my Reader

Getting to Know You, my Reader

Dear Reader,

With my blog videos, the book and TrueFire course coming out, I have made a lot of changes to my teaching in the last couple of months. For example, I have started to have new students fill out a questionnaire/intake form about themselves. It has proven highly effective in mapping out goals, creating a plan, getting my gears turning to stake out a course. And it is great to find out more about my students early on.
So, I started thinking that it would also be great to find out more about you, the reader of my blog. I won’t take you through my whole intake form (which you’d get if you study with me via skype or in person), but I’d like you to answer these ten questions so I can put my thinking Cap (capitalization intended) on to continually improve my output. It’s a quick one, mostly clicking…
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.27.55 PMFeel free to skip questions for email/name.
I appreciate your time. It helps me design and create the best courses for you. I am listening.
And if you recently asked me a question, I am working on lots of videos… answers forthcoming 🙂

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2 Replies to “Getting to Know You, my Reader”

  1. In your TRUEFIRE course PENATONIC PLAYGROUND for BASS the instructional dvd does it contain sound tracks also? The reason I’M asking is because I can not afford a second computer, for home use. I can not practice at work. My only means of practice is playing through a BASS TRAINER which uses cd. But I could play a dvd on tv.

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