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Modes on a String (TT 16)

  20.06.2016   Ari   Technique   No comments

Modes on a String (TT 16) I love the sounds of modes… My theory (ha!) is that sometimes folks are a bit trepidatious about them because their names are all,

Right Hand Thumbs Up (TT15)

Right Hand Thumbs Up (TT15) Where to put my right hand thumb when playing? That’s a question we got from a reader. Great one! Gives us an opportunity to talk

Q&A: Playing with More Freedom

  8.06.2016   Ari   Q&A   5 Comments

Freedom while playing Grooves:   Ari, I look forward to your courses.  My issue is freedom while playing grooves.  When you have a reasonable understanding of theory as a beginner

More info on the Course released

Coaching Course News! Friends, I am epically excited about my upcoming Music Theory for the Bass Player Coaching Course!! I created a page for it. Check it out here. Music Theory

Feeling Rusty? (TT 14)

  2.06.2016   Ari   Technique   No comments

Feeling Rusty? Sometimes life happens and for one reason or another we don’t get to pick up the bass for a few days, weeks, or even years. But now you

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