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Why learn Intervals?

  29.08.2016   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   3 Comments

Just got this question in from a course participant. I know it is on the mind of many players, so here is a blog post answer, basically to the question:

Talking Triads!

  29.08.2016   Ari   Teaching Videos, Videos   No comments

Talking Triads I am very partial to practicing triads all over the fret board. They are a great technique workout and usually sound great. That is groove material right there. But

Beautiful Practice: Diatonic Triads in open position

  26.08.2016   Ari   Teaching Videos, Videos   4 Comments

Beautiful Practice: Diatonic triads in an open position through the Diatonic Cycle Who knew music theory exercises can sound so Bach-esque and pretty? In this episode of Talking Technique on

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