Beautiful Practice: Diatonic Triads in open position

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Diatonic triads in an open position through the Diatonic Cycle

Who knew music theory exercises can sound so Bach-esque and pretty?

In this episode of Talking Technique on I explain:

  • what diatonic means
  • what diatonic triads are
  • what I mean by “diatonic cycle”
  • and then I demonstrate this in all areas of the bass according to the Pattern System.

I just love the way it sounds. And, it is a killer workout for your right hand as well as left. PDF provided. I am using a TC Electronic delay pedal and Wolf used a sweet plugin to create the sound that sounds like a violin pad in the beginning. Is all bass, though 🙂


And yes, that is a notreble beanie. I love it. It is soooooo soft!



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