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Beautiful Practice in Minor

Beautiful Practice in Minor

Beautiful PRactice in Minor

Beautiful Practice in Minor

Remember Beautiful Practice? I did this exercise in major and it made a favorites’ list on notreble. So I thought I bring it back, this time as Beautiful Practice in Minor.

One of my personal favorites, it is so cool because

  • it is a heck of a mental workout,
  • as well as a wicked technique drill,
  • and it sounds so great!

Let’s check out  Beautiful Practice in Minor!! It sounds like Bach, yet it is “just” a very strategic exercise playing through diatonic triads!

I not only follow the strict rules of the diatonic cycle, I also submit myself to strict rules of my “pattern system” ( the book is in the works!!) – so I play it in all five positions on the bass (according to the pattern system), thereby nailing all possible options. I explain it all step by step and this PDF on Beautiful Practice in Minor will help you out!

Hours of thought and preparation go into all my videos. Beautiful practice in particular took much thinking things through, – there is a lot that goes into this little exercise:

  • diatonic chords in a minor context
  • diatonic chords in the order of falling fifths (or ascending fourths, if you prefer)
  • spread out voicings
  • the pattern system – playing all over the neck

Please check out my course for a systematic, step by step way to learn how to do this. I will be with you every step of the way.

Here is the post on notreble.

And by the way – looking for advice on how to do the Hocket delay? That video is here:

Hocket Video for you

I play my Marleaux Consat Five String

Dean Markley SR 2000 strings

Fretwrap by Gruvgear (not in use on this one)

TC Electronic Delay Pedal

Sound by Wolf Wein (cool plug in, aye? It is all bass!)

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