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The Whole Tone Scale – Why it’s cool! (with free jam track)

  30.05.2019   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   1 Comment

I refer to this video lesson on the Whole Tone Scale regularly in my lessons As one YouTube commenter stated: “I always found little use in this scale, you have

Transcribe! Tutorial – My Favorite transcribing Software Explained (Plus: Best key commands!)

  23.05.2019   Ari   Tutorials, Videos   7 Comments

(Scroll down to watch video. Header is image only) Transcribe! is one Nifty Program Transcribe! for Windows     Transcribe! for Mac   Transcribe for Linux Here are 9 reasons why you

Why I dislike the WWH WWWH Method for Creating a Major Scale

  16.05.2019   Ari   Learn, Theory and Improv   4 Comments

You have all heard the advice… Create a major scale with the formula W W H W W W H – which of course stands for whole step – whole

A Cool Scale to use over a Dominant: The Lydian Dominant Sound!

Dominant 7#11 – The Lydian Dominant Sound Dominant seventh chords are all about tension! Why? Quick reminder, there is a tritone between the third and seventh of a dominant seventh

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