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Bass Playing is Like Martial Arts

  21.05.2020   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   4 Comments

Practicing Tip: How Playing Bass is Like Martial Arts by Wolfgang Wein Playing bass is a lot like martial arts: There are rules and best practices The stakes are high –

An Eye-opening Ear Exercise

  14.05.2020   Ari   Ear Training, Learn   No comments

A Quick and Useful Ear Exercise Developing confident ears remains one of the most requested items on my student’s intake forms. Below I will show you a great new Ear

Tiny Habits™ for Practicing Musicians (and their Kids)

  4.05.2020   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   4 Comments

Getting Yourself (or Your Kids!) to Practice Without Nagging or Guilt-tripping Practicing – or even just playing – your instrument ideally is a joyful activity you look forward to. And

Expand Online Summit

Expand Online Summit As many of you know I built my own teaching platform online. This is a monumental effort for which I soon discovered I needed help. I found

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