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My Five Favorite Practicing Tools [quick read]

  24.09.2020   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   5 Comments

My Five Favorite Practicing Tools Practice Time! If you have been wanting to upgrade your practice sessions, here are five simple tools that will boost the effectiveness of your practice

Four Part Fugue with Stuart Hamm

  16.09.2020   Ari   Playing Videos, Videos   2 Comments

 Four-voices Fugue on Basses What a pleasure to record this with not only one Stu Hamm, but two of him! What’s a fugue? It is a musical composition in which

VIDEO: Kids Taking Music Lessons? How to get them to practice!

  10.09.2020   Ari   Practicing Hacks, Tips   2 Comments

Helping Your Kids Practice using Tiny Habits How to get little Mozart (or mini Jimi) practicing without nagging, agonizing, or guilt-tripping. Talent is overrated: explore powerful practice habits! Watch this

This Technique Habit Will Hold you Back on the Bass

  3.09.2020   Ari   Teaching Videos, Videos   3 Comments

I see it with almost all of my students – from beginners to pros – it’s just too easy to overwork the thumb! Even experienced players are guilty of this

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